The Layah Heilpern Show, focuses on Crypto, Politics, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. It empowers people to take personal responsibility over their finances, health, life and general success. The podcast explores the political ideologies behind bitcoin and spreads mass adoption through hosting influential thought leaders in these areas.


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Layah Heilpern on Social Media  ✓ Twitter: ✓ Instagram: ✓ Tiktok:

#105 Gavin McInnes- The War on Masculinity

The Co Founder of VICE, the Proud Boys and the founder of Gavin McInnes joins the show to discuss The War on Masculinity.  He provides insight into the origin of the Proud Boys- how the mainstream media has spun into something it’s not. We get his latest takes on the pro feminist agenda, why it’s important for men to be men and what it means to be a man, the rise of censorship and much more! Gavin is known for his sense of humour gives us a great blend of comedy with truth explaining why things have only gotten worse since he started speaking over a decade ago.

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#104 Officer Tatum – The Destruction of America

Former Tucson, Arizona police officer and director of Turning Point USA- the now host and star of the well known Youtube Channel “Offer Tatum” joins the show. Brandon Tatum is most famously known for going viral for a video of himself during a 2016 Trump rally and has been featured several times on The Candace Owned show. He alongside Candace founded the Blexit movement most known for persuading the Black American population to leave the Democratic Party. We cover the defund the police debate, first class fatherhood, the importance of masculinity, why the Democratic Party is doomed and of course asking if systemic racism is real and much more!

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#103 Chris Voss – How To WIN any NEGOTIATION

Former FBI negotiator, Ceo & Founder of “The Black Swan Group” and author of New York Times best seller “Never Split the Difference” Chris Voss joins us to share “How to Win ANY Negotiation”. Why tact and empathy is more powerful than aggression and force. How to put the odds in your favour in any negotiation, whether in business, relationships or any other dynamic. Negotiation is an art and Chris is a Master artist.  

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#102 The real TRUTH about ANDREW TATE after spending time with him (EXPOSED)

Here’s the real truth about Andrew Tate after spending time with him on multiple occasions.  Sponsored by BitMEX click here to easily buy bitcoin: INTERVIEW: UNDRESSING BITCOIN:

#101 David Icke – The Global Agenda

As the author of several books, including his latest “The Trap”  David Icke has spent the last 4 decades speaking and writing about the impending tyrannical plot to enslave humanity. A former UK football star and BBC broadcaster, David has become known for making bold predictions and even more impressively many of them having come true. David believes that the frequency of love can help us all spiritually awaken and mentally escape “The Matrix”. Watch this latest episode to catch a glimpse of how things operate behind “The Curtain”.  Sponsored by BitMEX click here to easily buy bitcoin: 

#100 Making MONEY and DATING in 2022 with Adam Sosnick

Adam Sosnick the host of Sos Talks Money and the Valuetainment Podcast joins Layah to discuss the best way to make money in 2022. He explains where people go wrong with finance and the most effective way to make money online. They also discuss dating in 2022 and the red pill vs feminism.   Sponsored by BitMEX click here to easily buy bitcoin:

#099 WW3, DRAGFLATION & FREDDOM Gerald Celente

Media personality, trend forecaster and founder of the “Trends Journal” Gerald Celente joins us to discuss inflation, his term “dragflation”, the war in Russia/Ukraine and why that could be the match to set off WW3. He also discuss the pandemic and the history of the fed/interest rates, and how the media works overtime to manipulate the masses. He’s a believer in freedom and truth- if you are as well- this is one you must watch!

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#098 Can Bitcoin Fix Healthcare? Andy Schoonover


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#097 How To Get Multiple Passports and Tax Havens with Nomad Capitalist

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#096 The TRUTH about WOMEN’S SEXUAL Market Value & ALPHA MALES | Rational Male

Author of the Rationale Male and Godfather of the “Manosphere” Rollo Tomassi joins us to talk about gender roles and intersexual dynamics. He explains why many struggle to find the “one” and how both sexes suffer delusions of what they deserve in comparison to what they’re worth.  Layah reveals what she’s looking for in a man and takes the delusion test herself! This one is guaranteed to shock and equally open your eyes. The interview this generation MUST watch! 

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#095 How Long Does The Dollar Have Left? Mark Yusko

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#094 The Great Reset Explained with Edward Dowd

Former Blackrock manager Edward Dowd joins to discuss his opinion on the “magic juice” and why following the money makes more sense than trusting the science.  Edward is known for having predicted how the pandemic would play out from early on and tells us how he was able to connect the dots. One you certainly don’t want to miss!

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