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Undressing Bitcoin

A Revealing Guide To The World’s Most Revolutionary Asset

What's Inside

Undressing Bitcoin is a first of its kind.

It provides flavour, taste and humour to a usually sophisticated and complex topic. Layah reveals the urgent case for bitcoin easing you through a wild technological and philosophical journey.

Become financially sovereign and discover the most revolutionary asset to date by joining the Undressing Bitcoin wait list.

What Others Are Saying About Undressing Bitcoin

"A powerful, refreshing and fascinating perspective on world's most revolutionary asset."
"As a complete newbie to all things cryptocurrency, this bitcoin guide is exactly what I needed. Exhaustive, succinct and to the point. Highly highly recommend!"

About The Author

Layah has dedicated the last 3 years of her career to analysing and reporting on the cryptocurrency industry. She is a long term bitcoin holder who chooses to receive her entire income solely in bitcoin. 

After working abroad for Malta’s leading cryptocurrency news channel for one year, she decided to begin her entrepreneurial ventures in the world of cryptocurrency media. Layah is a real advocate for personal responsibility, individual empowerment and freedom, and this precise philosophy is what drives her work. 

When she is not covering the markets and interviewing high profile guests for her show, you might find her on a white beach somewhere exotic.

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