The Layah Heilpern Show, focuses on Crypto, Politics, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. It empowers people to take personal responsibility over their finances, health, life and general success. The podcast explores the political ideologies behind bitcoin and spreads mass adoption through hosting influential thought leaders in these areas.

#069 JG Package Portal – How To Build In Crypto

The co-founder and CEO of package portal JG joins Layah Heilpern to discuss the blueprint to building a successful business in crypto and web3. He talks the motivations behind entrepreneurship, the challenges and how he hopes to revolutionise the delivery industry.  Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#068 Jason Williams – Is The Bull Run Over?

Author of Bitcoin : Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With reveals what he is bullish on in 2022. From NFT projects to the metaverse. He also talks bitcoin price and explains where we are in this cycle and whether we can expect new all-time highs this year.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#067 Udi Wertheimer – Bitcoin Maximalism

Software developer and founder of Have Fun Staying Poor, Udi Wertheimer reveals why he believes bitcoin maximalism is flawed. Udi points to current innovation that he did not expect due to his earlier maximalist mindset. He also discusses ethereum and other scaling solutions that could replace it.

#066 Mayor Francis Suarez – Miami Bitcoin City

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez discusses how and why he is turning Miami into the biggest crypto city in the world. he covered Miami coin and the benefits of using it, 100% APY, the bitcoin dividend and taking his salary 100% in bitcoin.   Sponsored by Exodus Wallet download here: 

#065 Miss Teen Crypto – Mass Adoption, Bitcoin and NFTs

Miss teen crypto talks NFTs and crypto mass adoption.  Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#064 Jeff Booth – Inflation Fears 2021 Emergency

Entrepreneur and author of the Price of Tomorrow, Jeff Booth explains why we desperately need a world built on the Bitcoin network and why this transition needs to be as smooth as possible. He explains why increased inflation as a result of money printing and continued deflation as a result of technology is concentration power and money with a few. Bitcoin fixes.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#063 George Gammon – Tyranny and Freedom 2021

Rebel Capitalist’s George Gammon talks about increasing government overreach in 2021 and why forced medicine and restrictions on freedom are incredibly dangerous.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#062 Hester Perice – Bitcoin ETF with SEC Commissioner

At the Crypto Connect event in Miami, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce speaks with Layah Heilpern about the Bitcoin ETF, the general sentiment of the SEC towards crypto and which cryptocurrencies could be classed as a security. Hester Peirce discusses the SEC’s role as a regulator and to what extent people should be free to choose how much risk they wish to take. The Safe Harbor rule was also covered.   Sponsored by Exodus Wallet:

#061 Shash Gupta – How To Spot The Next 100x

Shash Gupta the CEO of AltcoinBuzz tells us how to spot trends and the next 100x altcoin. He provides analysis on all top blockchains including, ethereum, solana and polkadot. We also delve into NFTs and the metaverse!  Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#060 Alex Feinberg – Bitcoin Tyranny Cancel Culture

Founder of Insanely Addictive Fitness and previous Director of Business Development at OKCoin, Alex Feinberg talks about the rise of cancel culture, the inability to have open dialogue and increasing tyranny. Finally, we discuss how bitcoin is a solution to these problems. Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#059 How To Become A Good Investor 2021 – Kiana Danial

Best selling author, CEO of Invest Diva Kiana Danial reveals how to build generational wealth using key strategic investment strategies. Danial provides bitcoin price analysis telling us whether she expects new highs before the end of 2021. Finally, Kiana Danial talks about entrepreneurship, time management and having a money mindset. Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#058 Mark Yusko – China Bitcoin Crackdown

Founder, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management Mark Yusko tells us whether we should be concerned about the China bitcoin crackdown. We talk Evergrande and the increased hostility towards bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in the USA. Mark foresees a period of continued regulatory aggression, however explains this will not last. Finally Mark provides bitcoin analysis sharing his predictions.

#057 Leigh Cuen – Bitcoin Mainstream Media and Journalism Bias

Writer and journalist Leigh Cuen discusses the challenges of reporting on bitcoin and why mainstream news outlets tend to take a hostile approach. She talks about the problems with fact-checking, especially in relation to the litecoin walmart scandal. Leigh provides a fascinating perspective on the mainstream media that you don’t want to miss.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#056 Ran Neuner Crypto Banter – Polkadot, Solana Crypto 2021 and Cardano Analysis

Crypto Banter’s Ran Neuner compares the different blockchains, revealing some exciting new projects he’s extremely bullish on. He provides Solana analysis and tells us whether it really could be the Ethereum killer. Ran also delves into a dot and ada analysis!   Get BITCOIN CASHBACK with CoinCorner when you shop online:  And BlockFi get up $250 when you join:

#055 John Kim – From Poverty To Riches

John Kim proves the American dream is very much alive in 2021. He grew up in the poorest of poor conditions in South Korea and moved to the USA as a kid to find a better life. After years of struggle and couch-surfing, he went all-in on crypto, finally, making his riches, retiring entirely off of his litecoin gains!   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

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