The Layah Heilpern Show, focuses on Crypto, Politics, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. It empowers people to take personal responsibility over their finances, health, life and general success. The podcast explores the political ideologies behind bitcoin and spreads mass adoption through hosting influential thought leaders in these areas.

#008 Crypto Michaël – Why Traditional Finance is Failing

Professional trader Michael van der Poppe (aka Crypto Michael) doesn’t shy away from exposing the cracks in the global monetary system, the ultimate failure of fiat currencies and how Bitcoin will fix this. He even tells us when bitcoin could reach new highs!

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#007 Fluffy Pony – Financial Privacy and Criminal Activity

Riccardo Spagni, also known as Fluffy Pony, a member of the core Monero team joins The Layah Heilpern Show, to imagine a world where privacy coins are the main currency. He explains the criminal implications, the possibilities of tax evasion and why governments may actually be in favour of such a system. 

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#006 Nicholas Merten – $100,000 bitcoin by 2022

Founder of DataDash Youtube channel and Founder of DigiFox Nicholas Merten, provides a technical analysis and explanation of how and when bitcoin will reach new highs. 

He also spoke about the potential of NFTs and took a deep dive into DeFi.

#005 Hotep Jesus – BLM, Victim Mentality and Bitcoin

Hotep Jesus discusses Black Lives Matter, Kanye West and victim mentality. He encourages black Americans to take personal responsibility, while explaining how social media can play a powerful part in this. He also shares why he doesn’t think bitcoin will be the financial revolution many are expecting.

#004 How to Blow Up On Social Media – Dan Go

No1 Body Transformation and Fitness Coach, Dan Go joins Layah Heilpern on episode 4 of the Layah Inspired podcast, where he explains how he went from 0 followers to almost 30,000 followers on twitter, in just a few months!  He also spoke on Bitcoin, Personal Responsibility, Masculinity and Fitness.

#003 – Bill Pulte – Sending Thousands of Dollars To Strangers Online

Twitter Philanthropist and American Businessman Bill Pulte, who has a net worth of $100million joins Layah Heilpern on episode 3 of The Layah Heilpern Show. Pulte reveals why is he sending thousands of dollars to strangers across the internet.  He discusses the importance of charity and how bitcoin can revolutionise philanthropy. 

#002 Ben Askren – MMA, Mental Growth and Bitcoin

UFC Welterweight Ben Askren joins Layah Heilpern on episode 2 of the Layah Inspired podcast, where he discusses his MMA career, the mental aspect of wrestling, overcoming austerity, breaking boundaries in life and his journey from UFC Champion to Bitcoin investor. 

#001 Jason Williams – “Bitcoin The Greatest Asset of The Decade”

Bitcoiner and Morgan Creek Digital Co- Founder Jason Williams joins Layah Heilpern on episode 1 of The Layah Heilpern Show, where he discusses entrepreneurship, taking personal responsibility, libertarianism and his passion for Bitcoin.

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