The Layah Heilpern Show, focuses on Crypto, Politics, Motivation and Entrepreneurship. It empowers people to take personal responsibility over their finances, health, life and general success. The podcast explores the political ideologies behind bitcoin and spreads mass adoption through hosting influential thought leaders in these areas.

#082 Freedom Maximalist and Individual Freedom | Robert Breedlove Interview

Robert Breedlove, host of the What is Money podcast and known for his Michael Saylor Bitcoin series discusses why he’s a freedom maximalist. Breedlove goes deep on how a Bitcoin Standard eliminates fiat psychosis (which created the current woke culture), creates a more rational government, and reduces the likeliness of wars. Finally, Robert looks at the fiat diet and how a new diet free of seed oils rapidly improved his health.  

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#081 Is Bitcoin Political? Congressman Pete Sessions Discusses Bitcoin

Will Bitcoin replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency? Congressman Pete Sessions says Bitcoin is a place to control your financial destiny as the US government continues to print more money and causes inflation. Congressman Sessions also discusses the mass exodus from liberal states to more conservative states like Texas and Florida (which just hosted the Bitcoin Conference). Finally, is bitcoin mining a benefit to the energy grid? Hear it from someone on the ground floor of US energy production.

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#080 Global Macro Trading in 2022 with Raoul Pal

Raoul Pal, Founder, and CEO of Global Macro Investor and Real Vision, explains how inflation is stealing money from the crypto market, what bitcoin maximalists don’t understand about crypto payment rails, and his portfolio mix between Bitcoin vs. Ethereum vs. Solana. Raoul also explains how a tokenized decentralized internet will impact online communities, streamline payments, and what Elon Musk should do with Twitter Tokens.

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#079 Crypto Executive Order | Morgan Harper Ohio

Morgan Harper, candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio joins The Layah Heilpern Show. If you’re concerned about CBDCs and governments infringing on people’s rights and freedoms, tune in to hear Morgan’s thoughts on how to resolve the lack of trust with governments around the world. Morgan also discusses, bitcoin, Biden’s Crypto Executive Order, regulation, and how blockchain technology can drive transparency with government spending.

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#078 The American Dream and Bitcoin with Charles Payne Fox Business

Charles Payne from Making Money on Fox Business joins Layah Heilpern to talk about his upbringing, the source of his drive, and what his family taught him about hard work. If you’re a young person (particularly retail investors), Charles shares the major problem he sees with the upcoming generation. Charles also talks about the 4th industrial revolution, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, why he doesn’t believe fiat currencies will last forever, and how society can heal from the trauma of the past few years.  

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#077 JP Baric – Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable in 2022? War and Regulation

JP Baric became a millionaire after dropping out of college in 2013 and started getting involved in Bitcoin. He explains the energy arbitrage of bitcoin mining, debunks bitcoin energy consumption, and what Russia disconnecting from the global internet means for bitcoin. He also explains why the US is currently one of the safest places for bitcoin mining rigs to operate today after China banned bitcoin.

If you’re passionate about decentralized finance, but curious if bitcoin mining is still profitable in 2022  – JP breaks down all the information you need and the steps to get started.  

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#076 Mark Moss – Russia Sanctions and the Global Narrative

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#075 Peter McCormack – Freedom Convoy 2022 Bitcoin

The founder of What Bitcoin Did and the Chairman of Bedford FC debates libertarian principles vs. statism. He discusses the freedom convoy 2022 and bitcoin’s role as a means of surviving government corruption. Peter also explains how his political views have shifted since being in bitcoin and finally feminism is debated at the end.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#074 Jaime Rogozinski – WallStreetBets Short Squeeze 2022

The founder of WallStreetBets, Jaime Rogozinski discusses the wallstreetbets short squeeze and the shift in power for retail investors. We discussed crypto adoption, passive income through yield farming and what the next GME stock could be!   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#073 Matt’s Crypto – Top NFTs 2022

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#072 George Harrap – Escaping Australia, Bitcoin OG

Co-founder of Step Finance and OG Bitcoiner George Harrap reveals what life is like as a digital nomad living off crypto. George has been in the space since 2010 and was one of the first bitcoin miners. He discusses the importance of freedom in today’s world and tells us where he thinks this space is going.

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#071 Cousin Crypto – College Drop Out to Crypto Entrepreneur

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#070 Andrew Tate – Masculinity Money and Women

Andrew Tate reveals the most effective way to “win” in ALL aspects of life. From women and marriage to business and money. Tate also talks about crypto and the inherent issues with the system, including c8vid and the financial system.  Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#069 JG Package Portal – How To Build In Crypto

The co-founder and CEO of package portal JG joins Layah Heilpern to discuss the blueprint to building a successful business in crypto and web3. He talks the motivations behind entrepreneurship, the challenges and how he hopes to revolutionise the delivery industry.  Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:

#068 Jason Williams – Is The Bull Run Over?

Author of Bitcoin : Hard Money You Can’t F*ck With reveals what he is bullish on in 2022. From NFT projects to the metaverse. He also talks bitcoin price and explains where we are in this cycle and whether we can expect new all-time highs this year.   Sponsored by @blockfi get up $250 when you join:


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